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2017 Fortune

2017 Fire Rooster Year Predictions

By Master Lim Eng Cheong - Jan 2017

ProsperTimes™ gives you an insight on what lies in store for us in Rooster Year 2017

The monkey swings away and its chatter fades and disappears with the chilling wind of the winter. Silence is broken by the assertive crow of a sharp and observant rooster. As we await the Fire Rooster 丁酉 strutting its way to prominence, the tenth animal in the Chinese zodiac, this issue of ProsperTimes™ brings you some insights and snippets on what lies in store for us in the coming year. Will we witness a calmer and more harmonious 2017? How is the economic outlook and will the businesses fare better and see positive growth?

The talkative rooster has lots to tell.

Designed by FreepikMandarin Oranges with Chinese New Year Decorations
Mandarin oranges symbolise immense good luck and are essential gifts during the Chinese New Year

As the sun rises across the horizon, the land is awakened by the definitive crow of a cautious strutting rooster. The year of 2017 Fire Rooster is here. People born in 1933 and 1993 are considered Water Rooster (癸酉), while those born in 1945 and 2005 are Wood Rooster (乙酉), 1957 is Fire Rooster (丁酉), 1969 is Earth Rooster (己酉) and 1981 is Metal Rooster (辛酉).

Adjectives like observant, sociable, eloquent and quick thinking are usually associated with people born in the Rooster Year.

The male is energetic, fun loving and eventful, while the female is fashionable, loves dressing up and indulges in shopping.

Famous People born in Rooster Year
Some of the famous people who are born in the Rooster Year